trim life weigh lossMaster hypnotherapist, and guide, Michael J. Skoda, will lead you on your life change path with this proven weight-loss treatment. The TRIM-LIFE® Program is specifically designed for people who have tried many diet programs and have discovered that diets don't work. TRIM-LIFE® is taught by Wellness Institute professionals, therapists and medical personnel who have been trained to help them discover the underlying emotional eating issues that may have been plaguing them all of their lives.

Many people can release weight and keep it off for weeks, months and even years. However, if an emotional trigger appears in their life, a stressful event such as the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, or a divorce, the weight may suddenly re-appear seemingly overnight. TRIM-LIFE® guides the participant to discover these triggers, these unhealthy emotional eating patterns and to change them where they reside – in the subconscious mind.