Couples Counseling


Michael J. Skoda, M.A., LPCC-S is a master counselor and relationship expert who can assist you with various issues that might be putting tension on your relationship; these might include communication issues, newborn child, blended family issues, infidelity, trust, financial stress, sexual chemistry, and many others.

When to Seek Help with my Partner?

couples counselingIf you find you and your partner/spouse are not getting along as well, or overall are stressed from either specific or general life events, you may want to consider counseling.

Going to couples counseling does not automatically mean you have a bad relationship, or that it is going to fail.

Also, if you or your partner wants to go because they think it is best, even if one of you doesn't want to attend, go anyways. If one person sees a problem, it is important to respect their wishes and give it your best shot.

Does It Work?

This question can mean a lot of things. Usually, when people ask "Does marriage or couples counseling work?" they mean "Will it save my marriage or relationship?" This all depends on the couples and how willing they are to change or listen. Typically, the earlier you seek help, the better the outcome. However, with couples that are willing to do whatever it takes to truly help their relationship, counseling almost always works.

It provides you with new and improved ways to communicate and listen to your partner. These new skills are going to be helpful for you both for the rest of your lives.